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Surfing Experience for Stag Weekends


Get your hair wet, learn some radical moves and impress the wahines with your power stance. If the surf lifestyle sounds like your cup of tea, this stag party activity is the ideal addition to a weekend on the coast.

Action sports don't come any cooler than surfing - an activity that's easy to pick up, but which takes a lifetime to perfect! After your first taste of riding a wave, you'll be hooked. Can you beat the white water and get onto the unbroken face? Or will you dig the nose in and end up doing your impersonation of a human skipping stone?

It's all in the pop-up: the transition from lying down and paddling to standing and riding. Your instructor will show you how to make the move perfectly while you're still on dry land, then get you in the sea with your boards. Wait for the wave, match its speed with your paddling, and stand up when you feel the board rocket towards the shore!

Surfing is one of our most popular coastal stag party activities. Generally, our surf schools can handle quite large groups, and we'll always arrange a lesson time suitable for chaps who've had one or two ales the night before!

So what's it to be? In the critical zone with a shortboard, or soul arching on a longboard? Choose your weapon and get involved.

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