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Jet Skiing Experience for Stag Weekends

Jet Skiing

If James Bond ever went on holiday, he'd go jet skiing. The action packed adrenaline activity of choice for the rich and famous, this stag weekend winner will have you bouncing over the beautiful blue of the ocean like a bona fide playboy assassin. Love it!

This is our personal favourite water sport, and one that has the enviable bonus of not needing too much in the way of physical fitness. Once you've mastered the control of your craft, you let the jet engines do the work while you hang on and work up the nerve to try a power slide.

Different locations offer slightly different packages, but all of them will give you expert tuition and full safety training before you're unleashed on the beast. Normally, your instructor will ride with you, either on a power blast around the waters of a perfect bay, or on a jet ski safari to super secret locations the other tourists don't get to enjoy.

If you're in the right place, you might even get to race your buds in a stag weekend competition that will go down in the annals of history! Open the throttle, use your speed and remember - the faster you go the more manoeuvrable the jet ski becomes.

Absolute quality in every way, jet skiing is the stag weekend equivalent of a hat trick. Sun, sea and insane amounts of fun. What's not to like?

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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