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Flyboard Experience for Stag Weekends


Suit up and strap in, chaps. We're going to jet-propel your stag party from great to epic!

The Flyboard is hands-down the coolest invention ever. It's a real life, totally awesome jet pack, which you strap to your feet like a hoverboard and activate using the most plentiful power source on earth: the ocean.

Press the button, and the twin jet motors kick out insanely powerful streams of water, which blast you up into the air! With 100bhp to play with, you'll go hopping and bouncing around the bay like a demented superhero.

The question is, have you got the skill, quick reflexes and guts to control the Flyboard as it shoots over the water - or will you end up skipping across the ocean on your head? Fully protected with a helmet and flight jacket, you'll be safe any actual harm but not from making a prize wally out of yourself!

This is the ultimate stag party adrenaline ride. It's cheaper than skydiving, crazier than bobsledding and more exhilarating than, well, anything. If you ever wanted to know what Superman feels like when he goes up, up and away, this is your chance.

Flyboarding is available in some of the rockingest stag party destinations on earth. See below for current locations!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
price match
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