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Cancun Flyboard

Seen it all? Done it too? After a few days in Cancun, even the most enthusiastic stag party can begin to feel there's nothing more to offer. You've partied at the clubs. You've driven the supercars. You've visited the island hideaway. Surely life can't get any better than this...?

Think again, boys. For every feller who ever wanted his very own jet boots, we proudly present the maddest stag party activity of all time! Yes, you might be able to jump out of a plane and call it scarier. But if you absolutely, definitively want to know you've had fun, nothing touches the Flyboard.

A combination jet pack and hoverboard (yes, really), the Flyboard looks like something from the Iron Man movies. Strap the 100bhp jet-board to your feet, press the joystick button and prepare to be blown out of the water - literally!

As the jet streams kick in, your Flyboard rockets out of the ocean - with you attached to it - and zooms around the bay. Propelled by twin columns of jet-powered water, you'll be able to flip and turn at superhero speeds. The question is, are you cool enough to control the beast: or will you end up bouncing headfirst along Cancun's coastline while your Flyboard flails around like a mad snake on acid?

In a nutshell:

  • Hands down the coolest stag party activity ever
  • Strap onto a high tech Flyboard and rocket from the sea
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