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Ultimate Stag Meal Experience for Stag Weekends

Ultimate Stag Meal

You'd expect something that calls itself an ultimate stag meal to be epic! When we say 'ultimate' we're not exaggerating. You lucky lot will get the full monty on all fronts. We'll pick up your bar tab for a couple of hours and arrange for you to enjoy a slap-up dinner at a restaurant with great views across the water. How's that for a slice of fried awesome?

Arranging an epic stag night is a big responsibility. Get it right by leaving the finer points to the professionals. That's us, by the way! Avoid the tourist trap restaurants that charge a fortune for food and booze by allowing us to book you in for an ultimate stag meal at one of our favourite restaurants.

We'll handle everything from booking a table to liaising with the restaurant staff about menu choices. As we're picking up the bar bill for a few hours, you won't have to mess about working out who drank what during the meal. With food and booze sorted and paid for in advance, it'll be plain sailing all the way. That's why it's called the ultimate stag meal. Great grub, loads of booze, zero hassle. Job done.

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