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Rum Tasting Experience for Stag Weekends

Rum Tasting

Get the party started with rum tasting, the activity that refreshes those parts others don't reach! Learn a bit about Nelson's Blood from a rum expert who really knows his shizzle, sample different kinds of rum, and put your newfound skills and knowledge under the spotlight with a blind tasting competition.

No starchy connoisseurs or pretentious sniffing and swirling. Rum tasting stag dos are simply about having a few drinks with mates and discovering a bit about a pirate's drink of choice in a fun and entertaining way. Can't detect the different notes and aromas? Who cares? It all goes down the same way and you'll have a laugh trying to match the different rums to their tasting notes.

You'll learn all sorts of fascinating rum facts from your host. Brush up your knowledge with a little rum trivia and impress everyone back home. Did you know that George Washington gave voters shedloads of free rum to win a seat in Virginia? It wouldn't happen in Westminster, more's the pity!

A brilliant ice breaker, rum tasting is a great way to start a stag night. Whet your whistle, avoid getting bloated on beer too early, and gain a new appreciation for the Caribbean spirit beloved by the British Navy.

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