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Stripper Banquet Activity for Stag Weekends

Stripper Banquet

Love food? Love girls? Satisfy both appetites in one amazing stag weekend winner! We've got multiple courses of stunning for you to feast on, starting with food and beer and ending up with loads of ladies getting freaky for you. Happy days.

The menu's packed with stag weekend favourites and the portions are perfect man sizes. Big enough to quell those rumbling bellies but not so big you don't have room for all the booze. Exact details will vary from place to place, but wherever we offer the stripper banquet we offer some kind of drinking package as part of the programme. Expect to quaff multiple ales and possibly get involved with shooters too.

After you've eaten, a bevy of beauties will show you things your mother never told you about! This is a veritable feast of lady fun, with more poses than a glossy magazine photoshoot. And way fewer clothes. The girls usually get interactive with each other, and there's a good chance the man of the moment will be pulled up on stage to help out!

In most places, you also get taken to a club when the show's gone down. Some stripper banquets end up at a nightclub, others go for a strip joint. Either way, satisfactory dessert is guaranteed.

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