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Hooters Activity for Stag Weekends


Gents, let's be honest. At some point during a stag weekend, two things will become apparent. Man needs food, and man needs to look at hot chicks with big racks. And that's why Hooters was born.

Mouthwatering in every sense of the word, Hooters is the place to go to satisfy your appetites. The menu is rammed with American style awesomeness, and it's all served to you by lovely young ladies in traditional figure-hugging uniforms: tight tight tees and tiny weeny hotpants!

Pick killer starters, big burgers, and fresh wings. Nosh on nachos slathered in guac and cream, or get involved with enchiladas that just don't stop! Sides include curly fries, onion rings, slaw and Hooters' legendary cheese gravy fries - a real taste of the South.

Do you dare take on the hottest Hooters wings? There are eight flavours of amazing to choose from, with the terrifying five alarm spicy garlic topping the list! Even the 911 is cooler than these, so only attempt them if you're a genuine chili head.

Did we mention the ladies? Perky waitresses will keep you topped up with ice cold beers throughout your stag weekend dinner. Make sure you order the Hooters girl dessert of the week for an extra sweet surprise!

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