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Nightclub Entry

The right night club can make your stag weekend - but how are you supposed to know which one to pick when you're visiting a brand new city? Best men, your worries are over. We've checked out the most popular clubs in all of our stag destinations, and got you preferential treatment in the lot!

Swan straight into the most stag-suitable nightclub in town, with our guaranteed entry passes. No more will you have to worry about rocking up all drunk and stuff, and getting turned away by stern-faced door staff (though if you are absolutely hammered, the establishments will reserve the right to bar entry). Or breaking your group up into smaller units to try and sneak past in the company of strangers!

In the majority of our most sought after stag weekend locations, we can get you VIP entry to the best clubs. You'll go straight to the head of the queue, and be nodded in by the bouncers while everyone else turns green with envy!

Booking your nightclub entry in advance means no more arguments about where to go, and no wandering into the wrong club by mistake. We only send our stags to clubs we'd party in ourselves. Expect themed bars, multiple dance floors and wall to wall fitties.

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