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10 males on a joint bike enjoying beers

Newcastle Beer Bike

Pedals, Pints & Party

If you’re scouting for a legendary way to celebrate your mates last ride into matrimony, then listen up, because we’ve got the ultimate stag shenanigan for you. Forget your ordinary pub crawls and clubbing nights. It’s the time to level up and combine two of our greatest loves: beer and bikes. And no, I’m not talking about riding a rusty old bike to the local pub. Welcome to the world of beer and biking in Newcastle.

Imagine this: You and your band of brothers, pedalling through the iconic streets of Newcastle on a multi-seater bike, beer taps at arms lengths, and cold brews flowing as the cityscape blurs past. Yep, that’s the beer bike experience for you- burning calories just to make room for more beer. Its like a gym workout, but a million times better, because…well, beer.

Saddle Up & Sip

Newcastle, with its mix of historic landmarks and vibrant nightlife, provides the perfect backdrop. As you pedal past iconic sights like the Tyne Bridge and Grey streets, you’re not just sightseeing; you’re making every local and tourist green with envy. And let’s be honest, its probably the only time you’ll get cheers and claps for downing a pint. Now to the bike itself: engineered for fun, its got comfy seats, a canopy for that unpredictable British weather, and the most important bit- a bar! And don’t worry if you’ve drawn the short straw to be designated driver; our beer bikes come with a sober guide who’ll steer, leaving you free to focus on the important tasks of pedalling and pouring.

So, if you’re after a stag weekend that’s got fun, froth, and a bit of fitness, the Newcastle beer bike is your answer. Put on those trainers, round up the crew, and let’s make some unforgettable stag do memories.

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