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Trabant Safari Activity for Stag Weekends

Trabant Safari

Want to drive round the city in the worst car ever produced? 'Course you do! Ideal for stags who don't take life seriously, our Trabant safari will see you lot hit the road in two-stroke cars from the Communist era. Absolutely no mod cons and a top speed of about 60mph (if you're lucky!) make them the lamest thing on four wheels. Never mind 4x4s and sexy supercars - you need rock solid driving skills to take one of these bangers out for a spin.

A Trabant safari combines sightseeing and driving activity in one activity. Split the stag party into pairs or groups of four and chunter round the city's top attractions in bangers that take about 10 seconds to get through the traffic lights! You know that bit in the Bourne Identity where Jason busts out some epic driving moves in a classic Mini? That ain't gonna happen!

Chug along and chortle at the Trabant's stunning crapness while fascinating facts about the city and its monuments play over the car's old school stereo.

A great way to see the sights and inject a few laughs into your stag do, a Trabant safari will get the banter going big time.

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