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Tank Rides

Experience the awesomeness of a tank ride in the country that gave us the mighty Panzer! Berlin is ideal for this particular stag activity, as Checkpoint Charlie was the location of one of the most famous US and Soviet tank standoffs in history.

This is a rare chance to explore the innards of a real armoured vehicle and see what she can do in the hands of a professional driver.

It's a tank for God's sake man, an actual TANK! Ride in not 1 but 2 tanks on your stag do. If you're up for doing something bonkers with a military theme, this activity will deliver. Big boy's toys don't get much bigger or better. Gather your unit and roll over to a the training ground, where you'll be greeted by guys who really know their stuff.

Climb into the beast, salute your fellow stags and hold tight! Tanks can really shift in the right hands. Discover how to handle one of these bad boys during your stay in Berlin, and bounce across terrain that would stop your average 4x4 in its tracks. Mud pits, hills, fields, water - conquer everything in your path.

Driving a hatchback will never be the same after this!

In a nutshell:

  • 30-minute tank ride
  • Experience 2 different types of tank
  • Training ground near Berlin city centre
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