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Speedway Racing Activity for Stag Weekends

Speedway Racing

Like your motorsport on the rough and ready side? Add speedway racing to your stag party plans and see bikers do all sorts of crazy shizzle to stay in the game and bag first place. Fast, furious and dirty, this is proper nail-biting stuff that'll have you holding your breath and shaking your head in disbelief! Add a little light gambling to the mix and you have the perfect early evening activity.

We'll arrange entry to the speedway track prior to your stag do, for a great group rate. With admission already organised, you can beat the queues and bag the best seats by the side of the track. Grab cheap beers from the bar, place your bets and see the riders slide round the track at around 70mph on bikes with skinny front wheels and chunky rear wheels.

Speaking of great seats, you can end up being surprisingly close to the action if you're in front. You can almost taste the dust being kicked up by the bikes.

Who knows? If lady luck is at the speedway track you may even end up with a few extra notes for the beer fund!

When the speedway racing finishes it'll be just about time to hit the bars. Stag night sorted!

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