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Segway Games Activity for Stag Weekends

Segway Games

Go for gold in the Segway Games! Perfect for stag parties who don't take life too seriously, this event will have you howling with laughter one minute and shaking your fist in frustration the next. Become modern gladiators and battle it out to be top dog on quirky motorised chariots controlled by your movements. We've put together a programme of events that'll test your speed, skills and sense of humour!

Can you conquer the slalom course? Have you got the skills to smash the obstacle course? Who will win the Seg and Spoon race? There's also an epic water fight on the cards, and you'll get some priceless photos of the stag looking a right plonker when he gets cocky and ends up in the trees. Try something out of the ordinary that gets the competitive spirit pumping and puts smiles on faces.

Never been on a Segway before? It doesn't matter if no-one on the stag do has experienced a ride on one of these cool, self-balancing machines. The Segway Games starts with a briefing and practice session with experienced instructors. You'll be up to speed before you know it. Lean the way you want to go, give it some juice, and charge!

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