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Rage Buggies Activity for Stag Weekends

Rage Buggies

Leave the quads to the kids and bring out the big guns! Rage buggies are for stag parties who like their driving activities, fast, dirty and mean! The clue's in the name, folks. Twice as powerful as your average kart or quad, these rough, tough buggies are designed for cross country racing. Tame the beast and blast your way round a challenging course with over 600ccs of pure power at your fingertips!

Rage buggies drive like a dream. The tricky part is controlling them. Fortunately, you'll master the art under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. No more slowing down for corners. Rage buggies laugh in the face of hairpin bends and sneer at chicanes. Get up to speed with a practice lap and then bring your A-game for the main event.

Forget team work, Rage buggies are for lone wolves who want to hog all the glory! Stag parties lock antlers and battle it out for the title of top dog. Charge round a rugged sports course with long stretches, bends, humps, bumps and jumps. Smash the time trials, roar like a beast and unleash your inner rally driver!

Rage buggies are for real men. Have you got the stones for the dirtiest driving challenge known to stag?

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