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Off Road Buggies Activity for Stag Weekends

Off Road Buggies

Get down and dirty on your stag weekend with a banger of a driving activity! Off road buggies put the fun back into Saturday afternoons, thanks to challenging courses built to test machines and drivers to their limits.

With a stubby wheelbase, massive dirt terrain tyres and suspension built to cope with some serious jolts, off road buggies are the dog's doodads when it comes to holding their own in sticky situations! Just as well, given the layout of the tracks we've found. Long straights lull you into a false sense of easy driving - quickly rethought when you hit the first surprise mudslide and end up in a ditch!

Seriously, chaps, getting muddy has never been this much fun. Make a beeline for off road buggies on your stag weekend and you'll be howling with glee after the first corner.

Remember when you used to do doughnuts in the school field? Well, this is like that. Only with wheels that were actually built for the battering, and no head suspending you for ruining the rugby pitch.

Your off road buggy package varies depending on where you do it, but you'll get a safety briefing, all the safety gear you need, and full instructions in all of them.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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