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Mini Tank Paintballing Activity for Stag Weekends

Mini Tank Paintballing

Thought you'd done everything there was to do with a paint-filled projectile? Think again! You may have locked and loaded every hi-tech paintball gun known to stag, but have you ever gone after the enemy in a tank?

That's right, gentlemen. The world's favourite stag party sport can now be done in gutsy mini tanks, built to drive exactly like the real thing. Tiny Tiger tanks complete with caterpillar tracks and joystick controls make mincemeat of the field in the funniest, most furious variation on the game we've ever seen!

These perfect little monsters are just the ticket for a stag party recovering from a night out. Fun and tricky to drive, they'll guarantee total absorption for even the most jaded gent. And that's just getting the things moving! Add paintball carnage thanks to the big bore turret guns, and you've got a 100% genuine recipe for brilliance.

With just your head protruding from the hatchway, you'll look and feel like a weaponised tortoise. Only one powered with an extremely nippy 400cc engine. Open the throttle and screech towards the enemy in formation, while "The Ride of the Valkyries" plays in your head. Da da da daah dah, da da da daah dah, da da da DUM! I love the smell of paintballs in the morning...

Tank paintballing is available in select stag party locations.

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