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Mini Moto Sprint Activity for Stag Weekends

Mini Moto Sprint

Big man, small bike. The Mini Moto Sprint is a belly laugh of a stag party afternoon, which we reckon the chaps will never have tried before! A totally different kind of driving fun, it's all about squeezing full grown fellers onto tiny motorbikes, then letting them loose in a free for all race that's like a real live version of Mariokart 8!

Rev your tiny hairdryer engines, get your balance and screech off the starting grid for a properly hilarious afternoon on the purpose built course! The track has been specially designed to let the teeny weeny bikes show off what they can do. Hurtle down long straights and throw your weight into the corners to come out in front. You'll need to lean into the direction of the turn, just like you would with a full sized bike - only on a Mini Moto it's a lot more hair raising!

Despite their diminutive stature, the Mini Motos can really get a move on. You'll go from laughing at how stupid everyone looks to whistling with respect when you find out what these tiny terrors are capable of.

Fun times and serious competition in one event, what's not to love? The Mini Moto Sprint is a perfect balance of daft action and thrill seeking enjoyment.

You can only do a Mini Moto Sprint at selected stag party locations. Check them out below.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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