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Grass Karts Activity for Stag Weekends

Grass Karts

Vroom! Grass karts put a whole new spin on the stag party karting afternoon - literally!

Designed to slide all over the shop without totally losing control, grass karts are light, tough and more than a little crazy. With drag tyres built for slick speed on the grass surface, they're super-nippy and livelier than a box of frogs.

Traditional off road karts are sluggish by comparison. A grass kart doesn't need all that hefty suspension, and it certainly doesn't need those cumbersome mud-terrain tyres! The result is a lean, mean driving machine that puts the experience to the fore. You'll feel every cc of power - especially when you're going sideways round a bend at what feels like 80mph!

Grass karting is a great way to combine a bit of fresh country air and scenery with a driving activity. Get rid of Saturday hangovers with an hour messing around on a farm, and finish off the afternoon with a hot drink and something to eat from the onsite catering.

You'll get expert instruction on the use of your grass karts, plus all the usual safety gear. Put some pedal-to-the-metal fun in your stag party, and do something utterly different in the driving seat!

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