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Bull Cart Racing Activity for Stag Weekends

Bull Cart Racing

What the devil is a bull cart? You'll find out when you sign up for this little slice of stag weekend genius. Looking like Easy Rider on a tricycle, and performing like Mad Max on steroids, bull cart racing is the mutt's nuts for the gent who wants more from his adrenaline activities!

There are no engines on this challenge, boys. Oh no. All you need to complete the bull cart run is gravity. And nerves of steel. Hurtling down a gravel track at a million miles an hour on your laid back three-wheeler, you'll realise why the back tyres are slanted in like drunken stags. If they were upright like a normal bike, they'd snap off before you hit the first turn!

Head for the top of the run, take a deep breath and pretend you aren't frightened. Then hurtle over the start line and pedal like crazy!

Ideal for the party of stags that wants a completely different way to have fun, bull cart racing is that rarest of things: a genuinely original activity. It's aptly named, too. You'll need the b@ll*cks of a bullock to complete the course without wetting yourself!

Are you man enough to take the drop?

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