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Buggy Racing Activity for Stag Weekends

Buggy Racing

Forget about kart tracks and genteel Grand Prix competitions, chaps. If you want a cut and thrust kind of stag do, you need to have a crack at buggy racing.

Built for mentalist motorists with a taste for the crazy, these dirt buggies are the real thing. Low slung with awesome suspension and plenty of punch, they're designed to master off road tracks with beams and power slides thrown in for good measure. You'll be tested to the limit as you throw your buggy round the corners of a stunning forest location just outside the city where you're based.

Even the most confident stag will want to start out slow when he sees the mean machine he'll be riding for the afternoon. With a full body roll cage and safety netting to boot, there's only one message these dirt buggies are sending out! Strap in, pray for safety and put pedal to metal. It's time to show the locals what you're made of.

The ideal adventure for a stag party that likes a bit of madness with its fun, buggy racing will sort the men from the ladies and bring you all back to base covered in mud. Wear clothes you don't mind binning afterwards, and bring your most adventurous head.

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