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Argo Cats Need for Speed Activity for Stag Weekends

Argo Cats

Done quad biking to death? It's time to upgrade to the Argo Cat! These badass bits of all terrain machinery really are all terrain: amphibious, off road, mega monsters. Take control of them on a purpose built course, designed to test you and your steed to the limit!

A six wheeled, two seater bit of stag do genius, the Argo Cat has a body shaped like a boat and a front end with a curved hull. All in all, it's a bit like a tiny amphibious tank fitted with moon-buggy tyres. Stick controlled, and with plenty of nip, it's also the perfect solution for a Saturday afternoon in the countryside.

We'll pick you up from your host city and take you to the Argo centre, where all manner of mud-covered awesomeness awaits! Scramble up inclines, barrel down rocky hills and power slide into water obstacles. With the massive tyre treads acting as paddles, the Argo Cat will cruise easily across before climbing the opposite bank.

Outstanding instructors are on hand to give you a safety briefing, and get the boys up to speed on the basics of Argo control. We'll kit your stag do out with all the safety gear you need, but recommend you bring clothing you don't mind getting wet and muddy, and a change of threads for afterwards.

In some locations, you can combine your Argo Cat adventure with other off road and adrenaline activities. Ask your stag do co-ordinator about packages when you make your booking!

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