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Ten Pin Bowling Activity for Stag Weekends

Ten Pin Bowling

For dudes everywhere, we present a perfectly chilled way to get into the second evening of your stag do. Cost effective, low maintenance and hip as you like, ten pin bowling is the new rock 'n roll for the first part of your Saturday night!

After a wild night in the pubs and clubs, it's good to get the boys together for a bit of group bonding. Ten pin bowling is the perfect solution. You can get as involved as you like or just chuck a few balls and enjoy the beer and banter. Grab some snacks, clink those brewskis, and practice doing your strike dance. It's all good.

The beauty of ten pin bowling is its ability to take everyone's mind off their hangovers, and get them into the swing of being out again without everything feeling like a massive undertaking. When you've had a few frames, you can choose to head back to the city and wind the stag do up to 11 again, or keep the silly shoes on and stay where you are.

Daft team names are absolutely required, and at least one of you should dress up as a character from Kingpin or The Big Lebowski. You have your orders!

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