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Arabian Baths Entertainment - Stag Weekends

Arabian Baths

Get the better of a stag weekend hangover in proper metropolitan style! Arabian Baths are all the rage. You'll get the tonic benefits of hot relaxing pools and cold plunges, plus we're putting a massage on the menu to make sure the boys get the most from their visit.

The hot pools open the pores and get rid of all those nasty toxins, then the plunge pools get your circulation up and running at full speed! After a few alternations, you'll feel toned and fit again, and ready to conquer the city.

The Arabian Baths are more than just the latest way to put paid to a stag weekend headache. They're also a fascinating insight into an ancient and opulent culture. Run to the same scheme as a Turkish hammam, these indulgent baths ooze historical awesomeness. Come back to life surrounded by statuary, or relax in the quiet pools while steamy air gently restores your mental faculties!

At just over one and a half hours average time, a trip to the Arabian Baths is great to slot in after an adrenaline activity. Soothe aching muscles, centre your chi and emerge feeling better than you have in years.

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