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Canal Boat Bar Crawl Activity for Stag Parties and Stag Dos

Canal Boat Bar Crawl

Got canals, got bars. It was only a matter of time before some clever person put the two together...

The canal boat bar crawl is the only way to get acquainted with a waterway-heavy stag party destination. Why waste your energy schlepping all over town when you could cruise smoothly between its best waterside bars?

Unlike a land-based bar crawl, where every time you leave the pub you have to stay sober until the next destination, a canal boat trip means you can sink a few beers between pints. Awesome. Enjoy unlimited booze on the boat, then get off in time for a round at one of the character pubs, cafes and bars that line the banks of the canal network.

Combining sightseeing and drinking in perfect harmony, the canal boat bar crawl is the most relaxed and appropriate way to get the stag party up and running on a Saturday afternoon. Drink. See stuff. Get off the boat and drink some more. After two hours, you'll have a great mental picture of the city, and a pretty good head start on the evening too.

You get snacks on board the boat - and did we mention there's unlimited beer? This is a genuine stag no brainer. Enjoy!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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