Zagreb Bar Crawl

There's one thing you can guarantee about a stag weekend, and that's that drinking is going to happen. Make sure you get the best out of Zagreb with a guided tour of the city's awesome bars!

There are plenty of options for the thirsty chap - the problem is sorting out the good ones from the so-sos. That's where our talented nightlife guide comes into her own! She'll lead you down the primrose path to inebriated fun times, taking in a great cross section of Zagreb's most popular spots. Quaff massive flagons of ale in a Croatian beer hall, do shots in a trendy warehouse bar and make a stop at a hi tech modern place.

Fancy a social stag party? Give your guide the nod and she'll get you involved in a multi-party bar crawl, complete with drinking games and other shenanigans! Expect hens aplenty, hopefully wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits. Or if you prefer to keep the party to yourselves, you can go it alone.

The night isn't over when the bars are done! Your gorgeous guide will find the right nightclub for the boys, full of excitable ladies and big tunes. It's all about the bass.

In a nutshell:

  • Your own local nightlife guide
  • Shots
  • Drinking games
  • Nightclub entry

Packages That Include This Activity:

Zagreb Stag Party Packages - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up

From £180.00 Per Person

Girl on Girl Action

From £239.00 Per Person

Shoot em up

From £259.00 Per Person

Ultimate Chillout

From £229.00 Per Person