Zagreb Airport Transfers

Hanging around in Zagreb International Airport is no-one's idea of fun - particularly when you're on a stag weekend, and time is limited! Avoid hassles, skip queues and get into town double quick with our airport transfers.

Why fiddle around with bus timetables and taxi ranks, when you could be escorted to a fleet of private vehicles waiting to take your group direct to your accommodation? As soon as you clear customs, our drivers will meet your party, gather up your bags, and stow you in modern, comfortable shuttles for the ride into town.

Booking airport transfers now means you've already paid the fare, so there's no need to faff with folding money when all you want to do is check in and put your party shirt on. There's also no need to tackle the airport bus system, which somehow manages to make the 17km between the terminal and Zagreb feel like 100 miles!

For a no-trouble stag weekend with maximum drinking time, you know it makes sense. Our drivers are trustworthy, polite and guaranteed to get you to the party on time.

We've even sorted your return trip. On the Sunday of your stag, when you're feeling less than your best, you'll be made up to see your drivers waiting to get you home!

Packages That Include This Activity:

Zagreb Stag Party Packages - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up

From £180.00 Per Person

Footy Weekend

From £203.00 Per Person

Girl on Girl Action

From £239.00 Per Person

Shoot em up

From £259.00 Per Person

Zagreb Stag Party Packages - Take to the Track
Take to the Track

From £199.00 Per Person

Ultimate Chillout

From £229.00 Per Person