York Sphering

You couldn't ask for a better backdrop for sphering. Yorkshire's rugged rolling hills are just begging to be annihilated by a bunch of madmen in enormous inflatable balls!

A suitably bonkers activity for a stag weekend, sphering is all about surrendering to the forces of science and nature! If you've ever wondered what it's like to be inside a giant hamster ball, now's your chance to find out.

The sphere works thanks to the simple force of gravity, which takes over as soon as you roll over the edge of this epic drop! As you pick up speed, you'll bounce around inside like a pea in a washing machine.

Feel the almighty adrenaline rush as the ball careers towards the finish line! You'll be doing 30mph when you hit the speediest part of the slope, so hold onto your hat - and your lunch. Even the hardest man in the group will scream like a baby when maximum velocity is reached. Place bets on who gives in first, and make him buy shots for the rest of the chaps afterwards!

It's all perfectly safe, just like a rollercoaster but without any tracks. You'll be secured inside the sphere with a safety harness, but that doesn't stop the sensation of hurtling around and around from being a bit freaky!

Fancy a stag weekend stitch up? Ask us about arranging a water sphere for the groom! He'll go down the run with 30 litres of water sloshing around him. Best bring a change of clothes then.

Just up the road from York, this is an absolute classic.

In a nutshell:

  • Sphering run close to York
  • 1 roll per person
  • 2 people in each sphere
  • Bring changes of clothes if you want to do water sphering
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