York Laser Tag

The future of combat gaming lies with laser tag. Far more sophisticated than paintball, laser tag is turning into one of the fastest growing stag party activities on the circuit. We're talking state-of-the-art guns, long range shooting, technical challenges and incredibly realistic game scenarios. Come get some!

York is home to one of the best laser tag sites in Blighty. Located just outside the city, the mammoth woodland site takes war games to the next level. On arrival at base camp, your stag party will be split into teams. Suit up in camo gear, lock 'n load and battle it out in the rugged Yorkshire countryside.

The terrain is superb for speed and strategy games, which are played in and around a woodland fort. The guns are the best on the market and have a range of 100 metres. Feel your pulse thump and the blood rush in your ears as you sneak up on the enemy sniper style and take him down. If you like Call of Duty, a laser tag stag do is a no-brainer.

Round up the troops and embrace your inner Rambo. As Stallone once asked: "Do we get to win this time?" Damn straight you do!

Includes: overalls, hats, laser guns, 10 lives each.

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