York Beer Goggle Football

Want something hella funny for a York stag do? You've got to do beer goggle football. If you're determined not to take anything seriously, this is your dream event. Play football and variation games for one hour, with a few skills drills thrown in for good measure. So far, so normal. Until you introduce really messed up optical glasses to the game. Then it's carnage! Play. Badly. But you will have the ultimate justification: you were wearing your beer goggles.

Everything looks good when you're in goggles. Just like when you're really hammered. The ball is way nearer than you think - and you have a clear shot at goal. Only you don't. It's halfway across the pitch. Damn! How did that happen? Ah, goggles. You've also got the other clumsy-ass players to contend with. Trying not to laugh as you miss the ball by miles and go down like a sack of spuds is difficult enough, never mind tackling.

The groom is gonna get it. Big time! You'll have a lot of chances to stitch him right up with selfies and video. All of which will of course be dutifully uploaded and shared with the world. It's way funnier than chucking him in the Ouse. Then realising he can't swim.

This is the most fun a football fan can have, full stop. Get it booked and have a champion York stag do!

In a nutshell:

  • 60 minutes' game time
  • Football and variant games
  • 10 goggles
  • Instructor/event organiser
  • Ball and bibs
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Group photo
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