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Wroclaw Minirafting

Dare to try something new...

If you've not heard of Wroclaw Minirafting, you don't know what you're missing. Get you stag party together for your first taste of white water rafting. You'll be jonesin' to do it again as soon as it comes to an end! Get those pulses pounding in the great outdoors with an adrenaline-fuelled sport.

Don't worry if none of the lads on your stag do has even jumped into raft to traverse rapids before. Minirafting is aimed at novices and it's the perfect initiation into the wildly popular sport. So take a break from the bars and clubs of Market Square and get some fresh air in the great outdoors. You know it makes sense!

Let adrenaline blow that hangover to smithereens!

When your stag party arrives at the minirafting venue you'll be met by our professional instructors. They'll take you through a safety briefing and a quick instruction on the basics before getting you kitted out in your safety equipment. The instructors are brilliant with stag parties, even if there's a lad that isn't quite confident with his rafting skills.

It's three men to a raft, with a max of three rafts available at once. You'll be taken through a two hour rafting course, which is on the easier side. It'll give your group the chance to ease into the sport without going head to head with crazy rapids. Give your mates a high five when it's over and celebrate your courage with an ice cold pint of beer. No better way to celebrate!

In a nutshell:

  • Wroclaw Minirafting
  • Perfect for all ages and abilities
  • 3 men to each raft
  • Max. 3 rafts at a time
  • Allow 2hrs for this activity
  • Professional instructor
  • Safety equipment included
  • Celebratory beer
From Only £56.00 per Person
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