Warsaw Indoor Skydiving

If you thought skydiving was one of those stag party activities you'd never get to do, think again! Warsaw's always been a city that knows how to solve a problem, and it's solved the problem of stupidly expensive skydiving experiences by removing the plane from the equation. Now you don't have to pay to fly before you leap. Just rock up to Warsaw's indoor skydiving event, climb to the top of the structure, and jump into the unknown!

An indoor skydive is an absolutely epic stag party present. It's exhilarating, it's unique, and it's totally affordable. If you lot club together, you can easily get this for the groom as a surprise gift. And the best thing is, it's part windup too.

Here's how you turn your indoor skydiving experience into a classic stag party joke. Start off in the bars, on your first night in Warsaw. Let slip that you wanted to get him a skydiving package, but decided the boys couldn't afford it - and hey, it's probably just as well, because he would almost certainly have chickened out. When he starts going on about how he's up for anything, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that you just set him up good and proper!

When you unveil his actual surprise, he'll have nowhere to run. A man who says he's prepared to jump out of a plane damn sure better be ready to drop into an indoor skydiving tunnel! Kitted out with all the safety gear he needs, and fully trained up by the instructors, he'll fall down a tube with a massive fan at the bottom. The fan turns on, and shoots a powerful blast of air up to the diver, letting him drop slowly to the ground as though he's really skydiving.

Chaps, this is genuinely epic. Two words: do it!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party indoor skydiving activity
  • 3 mins per dive
  • Training and safety instruction
  • Safety gear
  • Video
  • Minimum 6 people
  • Local guide
From Only £105.00 per Person
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