Warsaw Bar Crawl

To the bar!

The Polish are no slackers when it comes to boozing. Join the party collective with our big fat Wroclaw bar crawl. The first night of a Warsaw stag weekend is always the largest. Make sure it's a classic by bringing a local barfly on board. That way you can be sure you are heading to Warsaw's best drinking spots!

Your guide will be with you for three hours and take you to a minimum of three pubs or bars. That's ample to time to get suitably oiled for a stag night out in Warsaw!

Where next?

Decision making is the last thing you want to do on a Warsaw stag weekend. Let a clued-up local guide lead the way and hit all the best bars with no time wasted. Simply let the guide know what you're up for and you'll be whisked off to bars and clubs that fit the bill.

From laid-back boozers, live music and sports pubs to courtyard bars, trendy cocktail lounges, brick cellar bars and proper Polish pubs, all bases are covered.

In a nutshell:

  • Warsaw bar crawl
  • 3 hour pub/bar crawl
  • Minimum 3 pubs
  • 1 shot each

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