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Unique Start Your Engines Birmingham

If the groom’s a real petrolhead, the Start Your Engines package is the ultimate way forward for his stag weekend! Come on, chaps. If you’ve done all the typical stag party activities and want something unforgettable, this is it.

The package includes everything you need for a full on stag do. Start off with two nights’ 4* accommodation in the city centre. Comfortable with all the amenities and then some, this place is more than just somewhere to lay your head after the night out. It’s lush and just the place a playboy wannabe would stay.

Once you’re settled in your accommodation, head toward the Auto Circus. This place is completely mental with six events that’ll get your pulse pounding and you’re not watching it - oh no. You’re taking part! Hit the dirt track for the Double Decker Showdown, the Del Boy Challenge, Nag Drag and more. There will be trophies, prizes and certificates for the winners so, go on and give it your all. Just make sure you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty while you do it!

  • Start Your Engines
  • Auto Circus
  • Burger & 2 beers
  • VIP nightclub booth & drinks package
  • 2 nights 4* accommodation
From Only £229.00 per Person

Activities Included:

Auto Circus

Completely bonkers, utterly mental and just what your stag party needs! It's the Auto Circus and it's the hottest thing to hit stag weekends in ages. When you arrive at the venue, you'll be met by brilliant event coordinators who'll give you a rundown of the days events and get you kitted out in your safety gear. Tell the lads to wear old clothes and trainers, you'll need it for this ball buster!

There are six challenges to complete. First up, the Castor Car Challenge. These beasts have no tyres to speak of, in there place are castors. Get in, get the motor running and drift your way down the track! From there, you move onto the Double Decker Showdown. No, you won't be racing London buses, lads. Think bigger! It's two cars stacked on one another and it's completely crazy. With off road dirt buggies, a Del Boy challenge and more filling out the days events, you'll have more adrenaline pumping through your veins than you can handle. Get on it!

Burger and 2 Beers

Held at a popular venue in the heart of the city, the Burger and 2 Beers combo is the best way to get your stag party started on a night out. We know how much of a pain it can be to arrange a full-on dinner for a big group of lads. If the stag isn't one of those types who want a sit down dinner on his final stand, this will do him proud.

When you arrive at the venue, you'll be greeted by the friendly, fun-loving staff. they'll show you to a reserved area of the restaurant and get the lager poured. Catch up with the guys, get some beer down your neck and tuck into tantalising plates. You don't have to be a meat lover to have this one in your stag party package. Everyone is catered for. You can choose to have either a juicy beef burger, a chicken burger or even a tasty veggie stack. Go on, feed up and get ready for a massive night out.

VIP Nightclub Booth & Drinks

Party like a rockstar on the big lad's last stand with our VIP Nightclub Booth & Drinks combo for your stag party. We've partied our way through the city and know just where you should go for a massive stag night. We'll arrange VIP entry for your entire group, that means no waiting in the queues and definitely no wasting time on other pubs and clubs that just don't have what you're looking for.

When you arrive, give your names to the dudes on the door. They'll get you straight in and the staff will show you to the VIP section. Slide in, check out the scene and get the drinks in. We'll get the party started with a bottle of house vodka, Jagerbombs and two jugs of mixers. Once you've polished those off, the venue has wicked drinks deals throughout the night.

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