Tenerife VIP Watch The Match

Worried you're going to miss the big game on your Tenerife stag do? We've got you covered, chaps. In style.

Pick any Premiership game, and watch it in style at this popular venue. We'll sort out a VIP area for the fellers, and you even get a two-hour free bar! Now that's how you watch a footie match when you're on tour.

Watching the game is more than just a Saturday tradition. It's the perfect opportunity for the fellers to regroup on your Tenerife stag do, stay somewhere cool for a couple of hours, and cure their hangovers with free beer and footie. You might have a headache at the start of your VIP 'watch the match' event, but by the time the final whistle's blown you'll be nicely beered-up again and ready for a big night on the Playa de las Americas.

A televised Premiership game is also a great way to end a busy day of stag do activities. If you've been out and about on quad bikes, go karts, and luxury yachts, you'll have earned some chill time! Relax with a few beers and run a sweepstake on the first scorer. The winner has to buy the next round. Oh no, wait it's free!

In a nutshell:

  • Choose your Premiership game
  • 2 hours free bar
  • Minimum 4 people
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