Tallinn VIP Sauna Party

Want to give the groom the most rock n roll send off in stag weekend history? Forget club entry or reserved tables in popular bars. Real VIPs do it in saunas!

Give us the nod, and we'll book you a full-on VIP party in a spectacular sauna in Tallinn. You get the run of the steam room, plus a massive chillout area piled high with food and booze. What more could you want? Oh yes. Girls. Well, your luck's in, because you're getting loads of them!

Party like genuine rockers as the bubbly flows and nearly-naked strippers hang with the boys. Raise multiple toasts to life, love and perfect boobies, get to know the ladies better and make sure you take full advantage of the high-end facilities in the sauna.

A VIP sauna party is the stag weekend activity that just keeps on giving! Any leftover hangovers from Friday night in Tallinn will disappear in clouds of steam. Invigorating dips in plunge pools and hardcore showers freeze and pummel those toxins into oblivion. And all the naked ladies, food and booze are guaranteed to get the party started all over again!

Did we mention that the strippers lose their clothes towards the end of the party? Hell, it wouldn't be a stag weekend if they didn't. Chaps, welcome to the high life!

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