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Sofia Stripper

Sofia is Bulgaria's largest city - cosmopolitan, good-looking and surrounded by beautiful scenery. And the eye candy is pretty good too! Give your best mate a last chance to look at flawless fanny with a top quality striptease.

Worried you won't find a decent stripper by phoning the number you found on a card in a bar toilet? Not a problem. With our enviable contacts book at your disposal, you can have any kind of girlie act you want, wherever you want, for a pre-booked and completely fair price!

Fancy giving the groom a massive scare? Smuggle a stripper into his room on Saturday or Sunday morning, and get her to pretend she's just woken up with him. He'll poo his pants before he realises the prank you've pulled!

For classic stag weekend japes, you can't beat a roly poly stripper. Say the word, and we'll arrange for a big-hearted lass to come and introduce your boy to her sweater-puppies.

You can have strippers in your Sofia accommodation, on some of your activities, and in participating venues.

Not sure what to arrange? Just ask. Your stag weekend co-ordinator can give you advice on where's best to unleash the boobies!

In a nutshell:

  • Prebook a quality stripper fora stag weekend in Sofia
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