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Sofia Pistol Shooting

It would be rude not to include pistol shooting in the plans for your Sofia stag weekend. You can't do this in the UK, folks! Take advantage of being in Bulgaria and blow off steam at the shooting range.

Brush up your marksmanship skills and unleash your inner Dirty Harry.

Keep a score sheet and inject a little competition into your Sofia stag weekend.

Come, on! How often do you get the chance to do something this cool? Pistol shooting will blow wedding jitters away and send the adrenaline levels into orbit. It takes a cool head, a steady hand and nerves of steel to hit the target every time. Fall prey to itchy trigger finger and you'll go embarrassingly wide of the mark. Skill trumps speed every time when it comes to pistol shooting.

Sofia stag weekend pistol shooting includes:

  • 25 shots
  • Targets
  • Instruction
  • Safety training
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