Sofia Indoor Shooting

Test your marksmanship with this top stag party activity. It's guaranteed to blast holes in hangovers, and at a mere 10 mins drive from Sofia travelling won't hurt either.

You get all the usual stag party shooting stuff - professional tuition, safety instruction and billions of bullets to fire (well, 50), Plus, you get to try your luck with multiple weapons as you shoot off against your fellow stags. There are 8 firearms to unholster, including a shotgun. Make sure you've put those ear defenders on properly if you don't want to go deaf!

Your shooting instructor will stay with the group throughout the session, ensuring everyone handles and fires the guns safely and helping you to improve your accuracy. You'll be shown how to correctly hold each type of gun, perfect your shooting stance for greater control, and squeeze the trigger in a way that minimises kickback or gun wobble.

Shooting live ammunition in a proper indoor range isn't something you get to do every day - and that makes it a top flight stag party activity! Put this one on the bucket list, and get ready to find out just how dangerous a sharpshooter you really are.

There's a bar on site, for celebratory beers afterwards. You get one each as part of the price.

In a nutshell:

  • Indoor shooting range just outside Sofia
  • 50 bullets each
  • 8 guns
  • Guns include: Glock, H&K, CZ75, SIG Sauer, shotgun, 357 Magnum, Margolin, 7.62mm
  • One beer per person afterwards
From Only £58.00 per Person
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