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Paris Nude Life Drawing

Boobies disguised as art? Ah, msieur, you must be having the stag party in Paris! Come to the city where nudie drawing was invented, for a masterclass in handling your pencil.

You'll get free run of a studio for this one, and the assistance of a bona fide Parisian artist. Listen to her tips, and you'll master the techniques involve in quickly getting the essence of the naked female form down on paper. If ever there was a chance for you to get intimately acquainted with another girl's lady-parts, this is it!

Even the strictest wife or girlfriend won't be able to complain when you come back from the stag party with your drawings of hot French girls in the nod. It's art, darlings! Just tell her you were taught by a real painter, and she won't have a leg to stand on.

All the models in this Paris studio are beautiful, natural and good humoured. They'll run through a selection of alluring poses for you. Your job is to capture each one in just a few brush strokes. Rubbers at the ready, boys!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party life drawing class in Paris
  • Drawing and painting materials
  • Private class for your group
  • Beautiful, natural models
  • 1 hour lesson
  • Why not stitch up the stag and make him be the life model, ask your stag planners for details.
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