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Paris Indoor Sky Diving

Always fancied chucking your best mate out of a plane, but don't want to pay thousands of pounds for 30 seconds of screaming? Don't worry! The perfect alternative exists in Paris...

Indoor skydiving gives you all the thrills without any of the terror. Well, not much terror anyway.

Basically a wind tunnel that's been stood on its end, an indoor skydiving drop supports the falling groom on a blast of air created by a massive fan. He'll get the sensation of total freefall, then the updraft catches him and suspends him in midair, just like he's doing the real thing!

Everyone else in the stag party gets to watch and take pictures as he rotates in the column of air, hollering with delight. Then it's your turn...

That's right, chaps - take away the enormous cost of getting a plane up in the air, and skydiving becomes an activity everyone on the stag party can enjoy! The boys will be lining up for a second go after they've sampled the delights of this Paris favourite.

Did we mention the fear factor? Indoor skydiving might not be as frightening as leaping out of an actual aircraft, but it still takes some nuts to drop into a huge tunnel armed only with a pair of plastic goggles. Have you got what it takes?

In a nutshell:

  • Indoor skydiving in Paris
  • One flight each
  • Each flight lasts 2.5 mins
  • Transfers available
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