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Oxford - Nude Life Drawing - Stag Do Ideas

Oxford Nude Life Drawing

Add some sizzle to an afternoon of creativity!

Want to give your best mate a bit of naughty but nice action without the cringe from a strip show? An Oxford Nude Life Drawing class has all the full frontal nudity without the gyrating and grinding. It's the perfect bit of sensual fun for a sophisticated lad, that won't make the future Mrs turn red at the prospect!

Before you hit the bars and clubs of George Street or discover those hidden gems down the back alleys and down the cobbled streets of the city, get the lads together for an artsy afternoon. Who said you couldn't have a bit of culture with a bunch of beautiful, naked ladies? You'll have a professional art tutor on hand to help your stag party get to grips with form, perspective and shading. But it's up to you lads to stop ogling long enough to put pencil to paper!

'Creativity takes courage...' - Henri Matisse

Your nude life drawing class will be held in a private room of a bar or restaurant in the city centre. You'll have access to a bar, so if the lads need a bit of dutch courage have a pint before you've got to get down to doing a Van Gogh! You'll go through a bit of instruction to give you a bit of form, then it's time to meet the models. We'll have a beautiful model that's between 20 - 35 (no grannies for you lot!), who will shed her threads and go through a variety of poses.

She goes through poses pretty quickly, so remember sketching isn't all about the details, so throw down those ideas fast and free. After all, you aren't Michelangelo trying to paint the Sistine Chapel! At the end of the session, she'll take her pick out of all of them as the best one. This is a sexy activity that won't get shot down by your partners, and it's guaranteed to get the lads in the mood to party later on!

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Nude Life Drawing session
  • Art materials included
  • Private studio or room, city centre venue
  • Model
  • Allow 90mins for this activity
  • Min. group size: 10
  • Why not stitch up the stag and make him be the life model, ask your stag planners for details.
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Sexy and Sophisticated
Whats Included...
  • Nude Life Drawing
  • 2 Course Meal
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • VIP Clubbing with Shisha
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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