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Oxford - Electric Shock Football - Stag Do Ideas

Oxford Electric Shock Football

'Ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel...' - MGMT

Take your stag weekend antics to the next level with an event that your mates will never see coming. Oxford Electric Shock Football is the craziest activity to hit stag does and it's an epic way to spend an afternoon with the boys.

If the groom is a true football fanatic, you've got to have some of the beautiful game on the stag weekend. But this isn't your bog standard five a side, lads. This one's got a shocking twist - for real! Raise the stakes on the beautiful game when you take to the pitch in Oxford. We'll take care of everything from pitch rental and equipment to an event coordinator. All you've got to do is get the lads out of bed, away from the bars and pubs and ready to get some footy on. Show up to the activity venue, choose your teams and get your bibs on. That's where a normal session of football does a 180.

'I don't mind giving everyone a shock - including myself.' - Jessica Brown Findlay

Your event coordinator will do a team huddle before the match begins to explain the rules of the game. This is how it works: instead of taking the pitch with the rest of the team, two players will be sat on the sidelines with little magic gadgets. Think you're in control of the pitch? Think again. They guys on the sidelines are the ones with the real control. They'll be dishing out shocks for stuff like simulation and epic fails. Or hell, just for the fun of it! It won't just be the players getting the shocks either. If the guys on the sidelines think the ref has a bad call, he'll get a shock, too! Don't worry. The shockers won't have the device for the whole game. The event coordinators will rotate each of you out, so you all have the chance to dish out some punishment!

If you've been struggling with ways to bring the big lad's mates together, electric shock football is the perfect way to get some serious male bonding done. The guys will be in hysterics when the strikers go down after a shock and your stag party spirit will be at a peak. When everything's all said and done, the guys will be in the perfect party mood, ready to take on the bars and clubs in the back alleys of Oxford!

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Electric Shock Football
  • Pitch hire
  • Equipment provided
  • Ref & event coordinator
  • Must be aged 18+
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
  • Max group size: 15
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