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Oxford - Axe Throwing - Stag Do Ideas

Oxford Axe Throwing

'The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.' - Man Pancoast

Pump some testosterone-fuelled fun into your stag weekend with a session of Oxford Axe Throwing. If you've got a bunch of rowdy lads on your final weekend of freedom, give them an activity that'll have them beating their chests like cave men. Axe Throwing is the ultimate manly man event to hit the stag party circuit.

An afternoon of axe throwing isn't just about chucking about tomahawks or throwing knives. It takes a lot more than brute strength to smash this challenge. It's almost an art, but the aim is simple. You've got to go for the bullseye, release and hear that satisfying thud as the axe hits the target. Then you've dominated! If you've ever tried to throw a knife and get it to stick into something, you know that doing it is harder than it sounds. There's a knack to how to release these lightweight tomahawks at just the right time. Do it at the wrong time and it'll just smack into the target and fall to the ground...epic fail!

'The barbarians come out at night.' - J M Coetzee

Before the lads get stuck in at the bars and clubs of George Street, whisk them off to the activity centre. When you get there, you'll be met by our expert instructors. These guys are brilliant at getting stag party confidence to record levels. They'll take you through a safety briefing, instruction and a demonstration. Once you've got the basics under wraps then it's your turn to try your hand at the sport of Vikings. Two lads can throw at one time. You'll have plenty of time to practice before the competition round, so give it your all. Learning something new like axe and knife throwing is a surefire way to bond the boys before the groom's big day. Plus, you'll have loads of adrenaline flooding your system, giving you the energy to go the distance later on at the club.

Don't worry if this isn't a sport you've tried in the past. Our instructors will have you all up to speed in no time. Before you know it you'll be throwing axes or knives like Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. It's gonna be legendary.

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Axe Throwing
  • Option for knife throwing instead
  • Professional instructors
  • All equipment provided
  • Target practice
  • Competition round
  • 2 throw at one time
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