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Oxford Air Rifle Shooting

Keep calm and reload, aim and shoot again!

Oxford Air Rifle Shooting is the closest your stag party can get to real assault rifle target shooting in the UK. BB guns made for big boys will give your stag party the adrenaline boost it needs to keep the party rocking 'til the break of dawn.

The only difference between an air rifle is an honest to god assault rifle is the noise. When you go target shooting with air rifles you won't have that ear shattering noise when you're firing away - nor will you accidently lose some toes if you shoot the floor. Win for all those hungover lads on the stag do! Air rifles are the perfect step up for those lads who love video games like COD and Battlefield. It's time to take them off the console and get their hands on some real firepower. If there's a better way to bond the boys than with a session of manly shoot 'em up, we haven't found it!

Shooting a gun causes the same chemical reactions in the brains as kissing someone passionately...fact.

Get the guys out of bed and head on over to our country sports centre. It's a short drive from the city centre, meaning you can get right back down to drinking business when you're done. The activity centre boasts top of the line air rifle to get your hands on and shoot .117 caliber ball bearings. This isn't some foam funnies, lads. You get shot it'll still hurt, even if it won't kill you!

If you've never shot a gun before you're in luck. Our event coordinators are on hand to give you instructions on how to stand, raise, aim and fire your air rifle. You'll go through a quick safety briefing to keep the lads from putting an eye out! Two to four of you can shoot at a time and you'll have plenty of practice before it comes to the competition round. Only one man can come out on top - keep a cool head, steady hands and aim true! When you're done, return to the pubs on George Street for a celebratory round of pints. Win!

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Air Rifle Shooting
  • Guns, ammo & safety gear included
  • Safety briefing & instruction
  • Venue a short drive from city centre
  • Good for beginners
  • Practice & competition round

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Oxford.

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