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Newquay Bubble Football

The most hilarious thing you can do in Newquay without dressing up as a Smurf, bubble football is the way forward on a Saturday afternoon! Combining everything that's best about a stag party, from getting into weird inflatable costumes to larking about with your mates, this is a fantastic way to forget hangovers and re-energise the chaps for another night of partying, West Country style.

The rules are simple, the game is insane. Think of it as five a side football on hallucinogens! Everyone gets a personal Zorb suit, which is like a huge blowup hamster ball. You climb inside the tube in the middle, and realise the only bits of your body left mobile are your legs.

The ref blows the whistle, and every chap in the stag party scrambles to take possession of the football, string together a slick passing move, and slot the leather home past the opposition keeper. Sounds easy, until you try doing it in the Zorb suit!

Not only is the inflatable bubble difficult to move in, it's also pretty hard to see out of! Zorbs are reinforced by pockets of air, and the walls of those pockets can make the outside world look a little, er, broken. Try the long game, and you'll lose sight of the ball altogether!

Newquay is one of the wildest stag party destinations in the UK. The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun comes up!

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour of Zorb football
  • Balls
  • Bibs
  • 10 Zorb bubbles
  • Referee
  • 90 minutes for groups of more than 16

Off Limits can't be held responsible for injuries sustained during bubble footie matches. Be careful!

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  • Bubble Football
  • Lap Dancing
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
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