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Newquay Beer Goggle Football

The crazy sports bar has been raised. Big time.

Surfing pales in comparison to beer goggle football! If you want fails, falls and wipeouts, this is the best activity for your Newquay stag weekend. It's 5-a-side but not as you know it. You'll attempt everything from passing and tackling to penalties in goggles that really mess up your vision. Play games, have some fun with drills, and laugh at yourself and your mates being total dumbasses.

It will be comedy central from the moment you put your goggles on. Stumble, trip and slip like a bunch of drunk people playing football. Cones will be really confusing and penalties particularly challenging. Just when you think you've finally focused on the ball your foot does something you didn't expect it to and you fall flat on your arse! It'll be the funniest, weirdest sober drunk thing you've ever done in your lives.

Who will commit the most epic fail? Who will get the ball in the back of the net by pure fluke and brag about it for the rest of the weekend? Literally anything can and usually does happen in this game.

Fistral beach might fade in your mind after a few months but you're not going to forget beer goggle football! An inspired choice for a Newquay stag weekend, this will change the way you think about the beautiful game forever.

In a nutshell:

  • Beer goggles for each player (total of 10)
  • Football and various other games and challenges
  • Equipment is provided
  • Venue/pitch hire included
  • Bubbly
  • Team photo
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