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Newcastle Vodka Tasting

For a stag do activity that'll really put lead in your pencil, look no further than the inspired madness that is vodka tasting!

In a busy bar in central Newcastle, a reserved area is waiting for the chaps. Inside, you'll find a knowledgeable host, a free cocktail and a crazy pair of blind vodka tasting challenges, featuring six whole shots for each man.

Start by drinking your cocktail, which is built to showcase vodka at its brilliant best. Listen to two short lectures on the spirit, delivered by a vodka know-all.

There's a break after each one to do your taste tests. See if you can match the vodka to the brand, or spot the high quality stuff from bone filtered headache material!

There's nothing not to like in this stag do activity, which cleverly combines the two things a feller with a free pass loves best of all: afternoon drinking and useless trivia! Learn the history and folklore of the world's most-consumed spirit, find out how to mix a perfect vodka cocktail and drink plenty of it without paying a penny extra.

Newcastle is the stag do capital of the north, and with challenges like this on the menu it's easy to see why. We recommend refuelling with bar goodies if you don't want to end up asleep in the Quay at 9pm...

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Packages That Include This Activity

Vodka Experience
Whats Included...
  • Vodka Tasting
  • 2 Course Meal and Drink
  • Two Nights Accommodation
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