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Newcastle Turbo Cricket

The sport of Englishmen, reloaded

In which other sport is it perfectly acceptable to say things like 'dibbly-dobbly' and 'googly'? Only in cricket can you act like a mad English gent and get away with it. Play Newcastle Turbo Cricket and you get everything that's great about cricket. None of the more tedious and time-consuming bits. This activity only lasts about one hour so it won't take a huge chunk out of your stag weekend.

No need to get the cricket whites out. No need for loads of protective gear. A soft ball is used, no corkies! The instructors will give out bibs and headbands for each team. They also explain how to play and go through the rules. It's not complicated. Your big goal is to get more runs than the other team. Unlike standard cricket, you get more runs for hitting a 6. There's also a short window of opportunity to score double runs. Add unlimited turns at batting to the mix and you've got the best game of cricket known to man.

Make sure you get your leg over

Cricket has seen loads of really funny fails. Like the 1991 Test match in which Ian Botham almost stacked it trying to dodge a bouncer and ended up toppling a bail. The 'Legover Incident' made commentator Brian Johnston titter like a teenage girl. There are loads of opportunities for funnies in Newcastle Turbo Cricket. Jokers and forfeits are in the mix. Dives, fumbles and schoolboy errors will be made. But that's half the fun and what makes this activity ideal for stag weekend.

In a nutshell:

  • Short and fast kind of cricket with forfeits, bonuses and a joker
  • Play for around 1 hour
  • Everyone gets a turn as bowler
  • Bat again and again
  • Professionally run event
  • Pitch hire and equipment included in the cost
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