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Newcastle Off Road Karting

Newcastle is brilliantly located for a spot of filthy off roading! The Toon sits in the rolling hills, rocky plains and fields of Northumberland's legendarily hefty countryside. Slap bang in the middle of all that greenery is an adventure sports centre that runs the best karting day we've seen in years.

Driving 700cc monster off roaders, your stag party will tackle belting terrain on a course that takes no prisoners. Expect to bounce over obstacles, slide into chicanes and power your way out of slalom sections with wheels spinning and mud flying. It's like Mariokart gone mental!

This is a competition race, with a simple goal. The fastest lap times win. Split the stag party up into teams for accumulated points, or race against each other in a free for all.

These karts are tougher than northern lasses and quicker than Alan Shearer in his prime. With full suspension and an all-over roll cage, they're designed to batter the landscape into submission in all weathers.

Bring clothes you don't mind ruining and a spare set for everyone! By the time the chequered flag drops, everyone in the stag party will be covered from head to foot in good honest Northumberland dirt.

Head out of Newcastle for the day, get some fresh air and bother the groom with your dodgy overtaking manoeuvres. Awesome.

In a nutshell:

  • Off road karting just outside Newcastle
  • Safety briefing and lesson
  • All equipment including helmets
  • Competitive race
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Packages That Include This Activity

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Whats Included...
  • Off Road Karting
  • Archery
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • 1 Night Accommodation
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